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UltraEzair® makes Lidocaine drips a breeze for patients and clinicians

One Mission. One Goal.

Airkor® has committed years of research, earned two patents, and completed a successful clinical trial (with two approved to commence post COVID-19), all with a single goal in mind―bring comfort to an uncomfortable procedure.

Ultrasonic Aerosolization

By transforming Lidocaine into a light, nebulized mist, UltraEzair® administers it via a flexible endoscope in painless, metered doses to the precise, targeted area. Drips that unnecessarily blanket large areas and leave patients gagging and coughing are now a thing of the past. Thankfully.

Comfortable. Safe. UltraEzair®
Experience the benefits

Each year, over 30 million Americans experience a problem with their voice. Before a medical professional can diagnose the issue by conducting an endoscopic examination, what follows is what many patients liken to a sense of drowning―dripping Lidocaine down their throat to numb the area. It leaves patients choking, gagging, and coughing. What’s worse, it often prevents them seeking additional treatment.

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